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 Washing complex on the basis of the screen GIS-42

“Dominanta Mining” CJSC have delivered to the address of gold mining enterprise of the Khabarovsk territory the screen GIS-42.

Unbalanced-throw screen with self-balancing is equipped by the control cabinet with frequency converter and rubber steel boulder separators.

Рейка рукояти экскаватора ЭКГ-5А 1080.04.114

“Dominanta Mining” CJSC can deliver to your enterprise the Dog-leg complete arm rack 1080.04.114 for EKG-5! Dog-leg rack is available for sale in an amount of 20 sets (there is set consisting of two racks is provided for one excavator EKG-5). Product is available now!

You questions regarding cost and conditions of delivery can be gladly answered by e-mail info@d-mining.ru and by the phone 8 (391) 219-11-03!

“Dominanta Mining” JSC has delivered the batch of spare parts for multiple chamber floatation machine FMR-10 to the address of one of gold mining companies of the Siberia. There were impellers FMR 10.03.110 and armatures 10.03.040 purchased for the enrichment factory of the enterprise.

“Dominanta Mining” CJSC has shipped to the well-known gold mining enterprise of the Siberia the concentration table СКО-1-7,5 and the set of spare parts for the floatation machine ФМР-10. Equipment is urgently required at the factory for carrying out of gravitational and floatation enrichment.

As a result of business negotiations with the international company “Atlas Copco” the warehouse of “Dominanta Mining” company in Krasnoyarsk has received the first batch of Swedish drilling tools for air percussion drilling.

The drilling tools of “Atlas Copco” mean wear-proof hi-tech materials, quality control at all tools manufacturing stages, testing at all types of rocks. Decades of successful experience of “Atlas Copco” operation in the industry will provide the increase in speed, accuracy and productivity of drilling operations at your enterprise.

Buy advanced tools for drilling of “Atlas Copco” brand from the warehouse of the “Dominanta Mining” CJSC! We are looking forward for your requests by phone +7 (391) 219-11-03 and via e-mail info@d-mining.ru.

NameNo. in catalogue
Pneumatic impact tool QL34092050412
Repar kit for QL34092050440
Pneumatic impact tool COP54 assembly 3 1/2 DHD35089000481
Pneumatic impact tool COP64G assembly 3 1/2 QL6089000959
Drilling bit 115mm FF DHD34090513715
Drilling bit 115mm SB DHD34090513720
Drilling bit 121mm90514999
Drilling bit 125mm90513716
Drilling bit 130mm90515203
Drilling bit 140mm90515009
Dealer’s certificate of “Kanmash DSO” LLC
”Dominanta Mining” JSC is ready to announce that from now onward it is the official representative of “Kanmash DSO” LLC plant! Together with designers of the manufacturer we will select and deliver crushing and screening equipment of high quality with preservation of guarantee liabilities! We are looking forward for your calls by phone number +7 (391) 219-11-03 and via e-mail address info@d-mining.ru.


Giant GMN-250C for Gold Open-Cut Mining

JCS Dominanta Mining has shipped five manually operated giants GMN–250С to the enterprise in Krasnoyarsk Territory specializing in the gold open-cut mining in the gold placers.

We thank our partner for the cooperation and wish that the regular renewal of equipment never fails to increase the volumes of gold extraction!

Crusher KSD-600 is Shipped to Irkutsk Region

CJCS Dominanta Mining has shipped the cone crusher KSD-600 to the address of the rock-crushing plant of Irkutsk Region.

The road overhaul is one of the main fields of activity of our partner. We hope that, by supplying the qualitative equipment, Dominanta Mining is contributing to the development of the road industry and is helping to make the roads of Russia better and more comfortable.

Electric locomotives ARP5Т (storage battery locomotive) that were delivered by Dominant Mining Company last year to Buryatia proved to be effective! That is why due to the expansion of production volume it was made decision on purchasing of one more storage-battery locomotive ARP5Т (storage battery locomotive). Dominanta Mining CJSC was honoured one more time to act as the supplier of this equipment. At present the electric locomotives have been already delivered to Buryatia and are fully ready to be operated!

The bucket of open-mine excavator EKG-5A (1080.52.00-1СБ)

The bucket of open-mine excavator EKG-5A was shipped to the OJSC Coal Company "Nerungriugol". EKG-5 excavators are an important component of the park of main machines of Kolmar group including "Nerungriugol". The bucket was delivered to Nerungri, the Sakha Yakutia Republic.

CJSC Dominanta Mining
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